Cutting Tools

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Cutting Tools

Applying a PVD coating makes tools more resilient and stronger. This increased resilience increases tool lifespan while the increased strength improves cutting performance.

One of the most common uses of PVD coating is on cutting tools. The objects’ increased strength and resilience can save your company a lot of money as it improves the objects in many ways:

Enhanced Performance
Cutting tools with PVD coating can cut much harder materials. This is especially useful for applications that require a very tough edge, such as threading, end-milling, grooving, and drilling.

Increased Speed
The tools can be run faster, which decreases cycle time and allows components to be produced more quickly.

Longer Lasting
The increased resilience provided by the coating means the tools don’t flake or wear-out as much. This greatly increases the tools’ surface life and they don’t need to be replaced as frequently. They also avoid the built-up edge that often develops.

Temperature Resistance
The tools can be operated at a higher temperature with no harm, which facilitates particular uses.

Less Costly Fluids
Cutting tools with PVD coating need less cutting fluid (which can cost as much as 15% of total production costs) because PVD coatings such as TiAlN can deal with very high temperatures without requiring any additional liquid.