Forming & Punching

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PVD Coating for Forming & Punching Tools

A PVD coating can also reduce wear on forming and punching dies and the lower friction of the tools means less money spent on expensive lubricants.

PVD coating also provides numerous benefits for forming and punching tools. The objects’ enhanced hardness and low friction increases their effectiveness in many ways. PVD coating in forming and punching dies will:

Increase Wear Resistance
The high hardness reduces wear on forming and punching dies, which increases their working lifespan and their general effectiveness. Abrasive wear is decreased as well, resulting in less scratching and more resistance to continual use. Also, they avoid any built-up edges that can otherwise develop.

Reduce Sticking
With the right coating, material sticks a lot less to the forming and punching tools, resulting in quick release of components without influencing their working lifespan. This forms and punches a better final product, and makes it much easier to clean the tools.

Reduce the Need for Lubricants
The increased ease of use with PVD coated forming and punching tools means that there is much less need for expensive lubricants.