Mold & Die Casting

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PVD Coating for Mold & Die Casting

Coating a mold or die with PVD increases filling while decreases the chance of the final product being distorted. The molds also last longer and are easier to clean.

Molding and die casting can be very difficult. However, a PVD coating can provide numerous benefits that simplify the process and greatly lower manufacturing costs:

Increased Speed
You can run the tools faster, which shortens cycle times so that components can be produced more quickly. As the coating decreases the objects’ stickiness, the melt inside flows faster and more easily fills the mold.

Improved Final Product
This lack of sticking also makes it easier to release the mold. This decreases the chance that the final product will be distorted, while also improving the final surface finish and increasing the product’s resilience so that it will last longer.

Longer Lasting
The coating also greatly increases the molds’ service life so that they don’t need to be replaced as frequently. The moving parts are also protected against scuffing.

Easy to Clean
As there are fewer deposits at the end of the process, the molds are much easier to clean.

No Expensive Lubricants
The increased ease of flow means expensive lubricants aren’t required.